Our talented team develop big ideas into great products

As experts and passionate mechanical engineers we love the challenge of designing and building physical products. We are fortunate that we get to work with a lot of different and exciting projects from large robust constructions to small and precise designs. Our secret sauce is that whether we work with startup founders or customer innovation projects we always take a holistic approach to product development. Our expertise and understanding allows us to consider all the steps of the product development chain and product life cycle from the very start. The end result is a well-designed quality product.




Is there anything more gratifying than using mechanical design and engineering along with relentless dedication and an exploratory approach to finally nail a product design? We love it. Product development is a cornerstone for staying competitive, sustainable and prosperous.

We work with product development within mechanics, electronics, software and automation. We do everything from isolated development projects to full-service innovation engagements.




Manufacturing and production is all about being one step ahead. We apply structured analysis to help secure a stable, lean production process with continuous improvements.

Talk to us about your industrialisation needs; value stream mapping, lean product development, methods-time measurement and factory audits.




We get a kick out of developing big ideas into products, startups and profitable businesses. Invencon is founded on a platform of innovation and we constantly exercise our execution muscle. Our team explore and develop products from in-house concepts as well as work with our growing network of innovators and big thinkers in the industry and investment communities. As battle tested entrepreneurs ourselves we can support in any of the steps in the innovation process; fundraising, concept development, market analysis, patents, business case, design, development, sourcing, purchasing and production.



To build and optimise a physical product you first need to perform robust structural analysis, modelling and simulation on your design. This helps secure product functionality, increase overall product quality and lifespan. It also shortens the physical testing cycle and reduces production costs.

Our team can support with structural analysis, helping you save time and money and increase the quality of your designs and products.




Bringing in an interim resource is often a great way of effectively handling temporary resource requirements in the supply chain organisation. With its broad network, Invencon can provide experienced consultants with extensive experience of purchasing. Ask us for help with services like sourcing, strategic purchasing and project procurement.




The global economy often means fierce competition. We deeply believe that for a company to achieve the highest potential you need an integrative approach. Combining a great product offering with humble and intelligent leadership, a strong foundation of culture and values combined with lean and adaptive processes. We help companies in with complex transformation work, business development and organisational development. Our expertise includes development, technical design, production, purchasing and recruiting.