We build digital experiences across mobile and web

Our cross-functional team has 50 years+ of building software in the consumer and enterprise space, starting and growing software based startups. With expertise across the full software stack we can help you build complete digital solutions for web, mobile and everything in between and beyond.


“We love this era where anyone equipped with a big idea and relentless determination can challenge and disrupt the status quo with software.”



It's easy to get caught in the solution too quickly. We’ll help you clarify your vision and inspire creativity by challenging to define underlying problem. Cross-functional workshops, storytelling, customer research and competitive analysis creates a foundation for concept development and prototyping.




We care deeply about building better experiences for real people. We use a user-centered process to keep an open dialogue with all stakeholders throughout the process. Our network of top-class designers is integrated in our development teams from start to finish. Together we craft the interaction and visual design, resulting in intuitive and beautifully designed experiences.




A bad architecture, or none at all, and poor early decisions will come back to hurt you. It’s not a matter of if, but how bad and what the cost will be to fix it.

An adaptive development process is crucial and it must supported by a clean adaptive software architecture. Influenced by the concepts of clean architecture and the reactive approach we build systems that are robust, resilient, flexible and ready to meet modern demands.




The end-game is to create great digital experiences. We are power users of new open source and commercial technologies on the horizon. On the front-end side we do native app development for iOS and Android as well as hybrid development using the React Native framework and responsive web. We’re big fans of web front-end technologies like Javascript, ES6, Angular and ReactJS to name a few.

When working with the back-end stack we use Node.JS for smaller systems and a variety of Java flavours for larger and more complex architectures.



Always test your product hypotheses as early and cheap as possible. Perform A/B testing to challenge the assumptions about your users. Analyse the data and do user interviews. Agile and Scrum are great but don’t get dogmatic about the development process. Keep it as lightweight and adaptive as possible. The main objective is to facilitate an agile mindset to respond quickly and effectively to the complexities and uncertainties of today's business.




We’ll suggest ways you can adopt new business models, tools and technologies early to get unfair advantages. Perhaps you can go faster by tweaking your R&D process. Create a better user experience. Attract more top talent and differentiate yourself over the longer term. We'll work with you analysing where you are now and what is required to take the next step, making sure you get the advantage.




We challenged the automotive industry with Internet based GPS navigation before Google Maps were created. We architected and built a plattform for collecting and managing data from connected cars, enabling for example usage based vehicle insurance and the unavoidable disruption of car ownership.

We’ve built consumer apps with millions of downloads around the world, scaled a support and sales organisation to go along with it. Developed sales and market strategies and of course done our fair share of fundraising and business planning for our own and our entrepreneur’s projects. We think that this knowledge and experience makes us a good partner for innovators and troublemakers.